Campaigns are a church-wide event where we give you and your family resources to help you along in your Christian walk.


Take simple steps to rekindle intimacy in your marriage during the next 120 days. Schedule eight dates with your spouse during the coming four months to connect away from the kids. From planning a romantic dinner out to holding hands while walking through the neighborhood, there are many ways to escape the routine and focus […]

The Blessing@Home

This campaign will encourage you to give “Blessings” to others as God’s Word calls us to do. Watch below a Special Message by Pastor Jack regarding The Blessing@Home B E COMMITED: The blessing is not a fleeting moment or mere symbolic event. It includes an active, long-term commitment to the person’s well-being and accepting responsibility […]

Prayer@Home 7-5-2

Prayer@Home 7-5-2 is a campaign to encourage you to pray individually 7 days per week, pray 5 days per week with your family and 2 times a week with your spouse. You won’t want to miss out on this blessing! Click below to watch the message.