The Blessing@Home

This campaign will encourage you to give “Blessings” to others as God’s Word calls us to do.

Watch below a Special Message by Pastor Jack regarding The Blessing@Home

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B E COMMITED: The blessing is not a fleeting moment or mere symbolic event. It includes an active, long-term commitment to the person’s well-being and accepting responsibility to help them become all God intends them to be.

L OVINGLY TOUCH: The power of a hug or touching a hand to affirm someone creates important physical connection and communicates warmth, acceptance and relational health.

E XPRESS VALUE: Just like we add value to someone’s pocket by handing them a coin, we add to their life when we use words that attach high value to them as a person.

S EE POTENTIAL: Parents and other family members best see a person’s natural strengths and foresee possibilities for their future. Giving the blessing includes picturing a special future and cheering them toward achieving their potential.

S AY IT: An effective blessing must be put it into words, whether spoken, written or both. Simply being present is not enough to communicate the blessing. Words of affirmation are necessary to know we are appreciated and accepted.

What is it? The word blessing comes from the ancient practice of weighing coins to determine value. It is you adding value to the lives of others.

Who needs it? Everyone, especially children. They need to experience unconditional love from parents. When they don’t, they can spend their entire life trying to fill the void.

Who can give it? Anyone. But most importantly from parent to child. Without it children feel a deep loss even though they may not realize it.

When should you give it? Whenever you can. From special occasions and special events to informal and spontaneous moments. Just be intentional.

Do you want to bless someone you know? This card can encourage you to do just that! Click Here.

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Pass on a legacy of love and acceptance to your children, your spouse, your friends, and parents with The Blessing! This incredibly simple, life-changing gift can help you plant God’s love in the center of someone’s heart and future. Learn how you can live out the Blessing everyday by choosing to live and give the Blessing through the Blessing Challenge – an experience that can help you build a strong, family! Click Here to learn more.

Use this Recipe Card to keep you going.

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