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Tools For Men: New Marriage Connections


New Marriage Connections


To foster a year of greater intimacy by finding new ways to enjoy life together

Advance Preparation

  • Schedule a date night or anniversary celebration
  • Come prepared to dream big for your marriage

During the Date/Anniversary Celebration

Follow the process found below

Time of Celebration

Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or just want to become more intentional about fostering intimacy, take time to dream up one new thing to do together for each year you have been married.  For example:  If you are celebrating your 8th anniversary, plan 8 new dreams or things that you want to do together during the coming year.  Plan them out on the calendar to make it happen!

  1. Dream storm:  Make a list of dreams or activities that you would both like to do together.  Some items may be something you both want to do and some might be sharing activities that you know your spouse wants to do.  Ex:  You know that your spouse would love to take a cooking class, find a cooking class that you can both go to together and enjoy.  Make sure your list includes some good free options and ideas that are not too difficult to pull off.  Aim for fun, realistic ideas.
  2. Prioritize:  Once you have a good list of ideas, narrow them down to your top “8” or whatever number of anniversary you might be celebrating.
  3. Make it happen:  As part of the date, go ahead and start the research and calendar out when you will go do these activities together.  This might be as simple as calendaring one activity a month and deciding on details later.  As part of your planning, identify some necessary steps towards making each happen.

Optional Extra Credit:  Get a journal or scrapbook that you can use to save ticket stubs, pictures and special memorabilia from all of your times together.  Celebrate your next anniversary or date night after you have completed all of your dreams by going through your journal/scrapbook and thanking the Lord for all of His blessings in your relationship.