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Tools for Men: Family Time Sampler


Family Time Sampler


To sample methods for simple faith discussion strategies that will help you fulfill the commandment for parents to impress the faith on their own children found in Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

Advance Preparation

Select a meal, bedtime and/or evening for you to try out one or more of the simple family time examples on the reverse side.

Try one or more of these simple family time strategies.

MealtimeCapture moments while eating together.

□         What To Do:  After giving thanks for your meal, someone shout “High – Low?”  That means everyone around the table must share the high point and low point of their day.

□         What To Say:  While eating ask “If God wrote a letter directly to you this week, what topic would he address and what would he say?”

□         Go Further:  Get free materials in the @Home Room or online

Bed Time – Give a brief blessing at bed time.

□         What To Do:  While tucking in for bed, parent or child says “What do I love?”  The other person must then guess what the person is thinking in one of the following categories…

  • A fun moment they shared that day
  • Something nice about the other person
  • Something they appreciate that person did today

□         What To Say:  Before falling asleep ask what do we want to give thanks for before falling asleep?

□         Go Further:  Get free materials in the @Home Room or online, go to campaigns and click on The Blessing@Home

Family Night – Fun activities that prompt faith dialogue

□         What To Do:  Go to the top of the stairs while the kids wait at the bottom.  Say you are like God in heaven who wants them with you.  How can they get up the stairs without touching the stairs or the railing? Let    them try before revealing the secret:  “You must ask me to come down and carry you up!” When done, serve ice cream while you…

  • Read:  Romans 6:23 and Ephesians 2:8
  • Explain:  Just like Dad had to do what you couldn’t do for yourself, Jesus Christ came down from heaven to save us because we couldn’t save ourselves.
  • Pray:  Thank God for the free gift of salvation.

□         Go Further:  Get free materials in the @Home Room or online

Movie Night – If you have older kids watch a movie together and discuss the themes of the story that either reinforce or undermine a Christian view of the world.  Go to for movie ideas and questions to get the discussions rolling.