Recipe Cards

Romantic Movie Night

Best Use

As a date night discussion

Nutritional Value

Fosters discussion about how romantic love points us to the ultimate love story

Advance Preparation

  • Schedule a “movie rental” date night at home.
  • Rent or buy a favorite romantic film.  For best results, let her choose!

During The Date

  1. If you have children at home, put them to bed early.
  2. Slip into something “comfortable” and watch the film in the privacy of your bedroom.
  3. After watching spend about 10 minutes discussing the questions on the reverse side.
  4. Before going to sleep give one another a very long kiss goodnight!


Take turns answering the following questions…

BOY MEETS GIRL:   Every great love story has a “boy meets girl” moment when two individuals find themselves drawn to the other.

  • What was that moment for him?
  • What was that moment for her?
  • What was that moment for you?

OBSTACLES:  Name several obstacles keeping the couple apart.

  • Was the biggest obstacle external (i.e. another person, distance) or internal      (i.e. clashing personalities, fear)?
  • What obstacle(s) did the two of you overcome to meet and marry?

MYSTERY:  The Apostle Paul called spousal intimacy “a great mystery” because when “two become one” they create a picture of Christ’s marriage to the church.  (See Ephesians 5:33)

  • Did any actions/choices by the guy model selfless love?
  • How about actions/choices by the girl?
  • What actions/choices has your spouse made that make you feel loved?

INTIMACY:  The most exciting moments of intimacy occur when both individuals seek to please the other rather than themselves.

  • Did selfless giving or selfish taking characterize the couple in the film?
  • Describe one way you would like to better meet your mate’s needs in daily life and during physical intimacy    

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