Recipe Cards

Parent/Teen Movie Night

Best Use

As a movie night and discussion for parents with their teens

Nutritional Value

Meaningful dialogue on how creation points to the reality of God

Advance Preparation

· Rent or purchase the movie Contact (Rated PG)

· Like most films, this movie includes offensive language and some scenes of sensuality. (You might consider buying a service like that edits out language and offensive scenes.)

· Pop some popcorn and have the discussion guide on the reverse side ready.

Set It Up

Be up front with your teen, explaining that you want to watch the film to discuss its themes from a Christian perspective. Don’t use this as an occasion to teach, but to enjoy some good dialogue. You probably won’t agree on everything, which is fine. Just discussing the themes can strengthen your relationship and stretch critical thinking skills.

Film Synopsis

The main character Ellie (played by Jodi Foster) is a scientist on a quest to find intelligent life beyond earth. Once contact is made, the people of earth create a machine which allows her to travel across the galaxies and communicate directly with alien beings. While traveling through space Ellie becomes overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of space – to the point that she can’t even speak. Zero in on this scene to discuss.


Alternate asking one another the following questions. After sharing your own thoughts, reference the Think About It notes.

1. What view of God does Ellie represent? (See A)

2. Why did she become overwhelmed at the splendor and majesty of space? (See B)

3. What passage of scripture speaks to what she experienced while traveling through space? (See C)

4. What is the reality she refused to accept? (See D)

Think About It

A – A materialist view that there is no reality beyond the physical universe.

B – She was experiencing something greater than herself and more vast than her mind could comprehend.

C – Psalm 19 says that the heavens declare the glory of God.

D – That the order and beauty of our universe is evidence of a Creator God.

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