Recipe Cards

Memory Minute (ages 3-up)

Best Use

As a meal time discussion with children age three through adult

Nutritional Value

Gives children a strong sense of family connection and identity

Advance Preparation

Bring the following to the dinner table.

  • Some favorite pictures from past family events – such as a vacation, birth, special celebration, or just fun moments from daily life
  • A watch or clock with a second hand
  • A Bible

Serve It Up

Follow the steps on the reverse to serve up a great experience.

Mealtime Instructions

  1. Bring a stack of 5-10 pictures from your photo album, box or digital printer to the meal table.
  2. Give each child at least one photo to hold up when their time arrives.
  3. Read Psalm 103:2 which reminds us to bless the Lord for the “benefits” He gives, including the tremendous joy of being part of this family.
  4. One at a time, have each child hold up their photo and give the other family members sixty seconds to shout out as much about the pictured scene as they can recall or guess.
  5. Now take the picture from the child and tell the story as you remember it – taking special care to affirm the joy and uniqueness of each person pictured by giving a detail about them.  For example…

“I remember this was the vacation where Troy created his first sand castle – and was so disappointed the next morning to discover the tide had flattened it during the night.” 

“I remember how proud we were of Nicole when she walked up to the front of the class to receive this award.”

“I remember how exciting it was to bring little Christopher home from the hospital and have Grandma and Grandpa taking pictures of our new blessing!”

Take a moment to pray a brief prayer of thanks to God for the “benefits” that come with being part of a family that loves the Lord and one another.