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Marriage Date Night – Discovering Needs

Best Use

As a date night discussion guide

Nutritional Value

Helps husbands and wives discover ways to meet one another’s needs

Advance Preparation

  • Schedule a dinner or coffee date
  • Each spouse should spend a few minutes writing down their own answers to the questions on the reverse side.

During The Date

Alternate asking each other the questions using the following rules…

  1. Give specific ideas (i.e. “Hold my hand while driving in the car”) rather than general principles (i.e. “Show me you love me”)
  2. Don’t over-promise.  Not every need expressed can or should be met by one’s spouse.  You are simply sharing ideas and seeking input.
  3. Don’t become defensive if something touches an area of weakness for you.  The goal is to move your relationship to the next level rather than defend the status quo.

Discovering Needs

Only God can meet all of our needs, but He intends to meet some of them through marriage.  Use the following questions to discover how you can be more intentional.


We often neglect the little things that can make a big difference.  Explore small ways you can better meet your mate’s needs by asking the following questions…

  • What three things could I do at the house to help you feel more relaxed at home?
  • What three ways could I surprise you to make you feel appreciated or pampered?
  • What hobby would you like to try together during the next three months?


Most marital conflicts are rooted in poor communication.  Explore how you might better meet your spouse’s need in this area by asking the following questions…

  • How can I help establish a routine context for one-on-one conversation?
  • What is the best time/place/approach to share something you’ve done that hurt me without making you feel attacked or disrespected?


God intends husbands and wives to meet one another’s need for spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy.  Explore how you might better meet your spouse’s need for intimacy by asking the following questions…

  • What simple thing can we do once per week to improve our spiritual connection?
  • What three things can we do to create stronger emotional connection?
  • What two ways might I improve our sexual relationship so you feel more loved?


After sharing ideas with one another, hold hands and share this brief prayer together…

Dear God:  Thank you for giving us to one another.  Help us become more intentional about meeting one another’s needs in coming days.   Amen