Recipe Cards

4th of July Family Fun Time

Fourth of July Celebration

Best Use 

As a Fourth of July family activity

Nutritional Value 

Create a time of celebrating with family and/or friends as a reminder of the freedom that we are blessed with and the Christian foundation on which our nation is built. 

Advance Preparation  

Make sure you have the following on hand.

  •       A copy of the Declaration of Independence, Bible
  •      Optional:  Items for making the American Flag (Scissors, pencils/crayons, red/white/blue paper) and item for music makers
  •      Optional:  Cake

Serve It Up 

Follow these steps for a great experience…

1.      Gather everyone together to talk about why we celebrate the Fourth of July. 

July 4th, 1776 is the United States of America’s birthday.  By writing the Declaration of Independence, the colonies declared that they no longer would need to be governed by Britain.  We call the 4th of July Independence Day because this day was the day they declared independence from Great Britain.  Today, we celebrate the fact that we are a free nation.  The Declaration of Independence, the actual decree in which was signed the independence of the United States, stands as a symbol for all of the things that we, as Americans, believe in. We are blessed to live with the freedom of religion, without persecution and with the ability to think and do for ourselves.

2.      Read the Declaration of Independence and see if you can find four references to God.  As believers, we celebrate that our country was founded on faith!

3.      Read Ephesians 3:12 together. “In him [Christ] and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.”  *This is a great time to talk with your family about true freedom in Christ.   For   more information on Introducing Your Child to Christ, please click here or go by the @Home Room to pick up a copy. 

4.      Thank God for the freedom that we have living in the United States.  Thank Him for our freedom to worship Him.  Spend some time praying for those that are serving our country today to protect our freedom. 

Optional: Make the American flag and instruments to put on your own family parade or join in a community parade.  Red represents bravery, blue signifies perseverance, and white represents purity. These are three strong principles that our country is built on.  

Optional:  Celebrate with a cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to America.