The Man Laws – Tools For Men

The Man Laws

from Pastor George Sasso, CCCH Marriage & Family Ministry

1. Spend time with the Lord every day.

a. First thing in the morning.

b. Regular Bible reading and prayer time (A.C.T.S).

A-Adoration to the Lord Most High. Take time to dwell on God’s attributes, His character and who He is, and not on what He has done.

C-Confession. Pray privately, asking the Lord to forgive any sin or transgression in our lives and to bring to remembrance anything that may have slipped our minds. We must be cleansed and pure to come into the presence of our Most Holy God.

T-Thanksgiving. Give thanks abundantly and without ceasing during this time for all that He has given and has done for us. He is truly an amazing God so let’s thank Him for it!

S-Supplication. Ask God for your requests and petitions. Pray for the body of Christ and their needs, the pastors and their families, missionaries around the world, government officials and our President, or any other need that we believe that the Lord would have us pray about.

2. Pray with your wife every day.

a. Wash her by the Water of the Word.

b. Singles – Acquire a prayer partner.

3. Pray with or for your children.

a. Pray for them every day.

b. Singles – Pray with (or for) Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters or special friends.

4. Be involved with each child’s life.

a. Demonstrate by example – Everyone believes what you show you believe over what you say you believe.

b. Spend time with each child developing a relationship, being an active part of their walk with the Lord and their future.

c. Teach them responsibility for life.

d. Teach them how to serve.

e. Singles – do all the above for Mom, Dad, Brothers, sisters or special friends.

5. Be involved with Ministry.

a. Utilize the gifts and talents God has given you to serve the Body of Christ and the world where necessary.

b.  Ministry is serving!  Serving is “doing all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31;Colossians 3:23

6. Tithe.

a. Give the Lord your first fruits, it is all His anyway (render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s). Matthew 22:21

b.   Men of God will not rob God! Malachi 3:8

7. Be a giver ABOVE AND BEYOND to needs in the Body (time, treasures or talents)

a. The ancient church, as portrayed in the book of Acts, is a perfect example of this, as they provided for all who had need within the Church.


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