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A Family Guide to Our Nation’s Godly Heritage

America was founded on godly principles. Use this guide to celebrate that heritage while teaching the truth about America’s history to the next generation.

Click here for the 4th of July Activity Guide

Cards for Support our Troops

Click on any of these and print them (make sure to scroll all the way down, it looks blank when you first open it). Once the file loads, go to file then print (located on the top left of your computer). Bring them to the @Home Room and we will give them to our Support our Troops team for them to send to the troops for you.

4th of July Patriotic Card / I Heart USA

4th of July Patriotic Card

4th of July Patriotic Card Flag and Scripture

Remember to pray for our Leaders!

Prayer Flag Example:

pdf of completed flag (2)

Song Lyrics

God bless America, Click Here

My Country Tis of Thee, Click Here

America the Beautiful, Click Here

This is My Country, Click Here