Calvary Couples Audio/Video Messages

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If you would like to hear any of the messages that were taught at the Calvary Couples Study, click on the message below to listen:

If you missed any couples studies, see below:

2022 Studies

August 12, 2022, Click here to watch.

April 8, 2022, Click here to watch. 

February 18, 2022, click here to watch.

2021 Studies

April 9, Click here to watch.

February 12, Click here to watch.

September 2019: Title: Do you trust me?

August 2019: Title: What do you mean by self-control in a relationship?

July 2019 Title: How to be meek in your relationship without being weak

June 2019 Title: How to remain faithful in your relationship.

May 2019 Title: How to keep kindness and goodness fresh in your relationship.

April 2019 Title: Victory through the valleys in your relationship!

March 2019 Title: How to have joy and peace in your relationship.

February 2019 Title: Romance & Sex in Relationships

October 2018 Title: How do we survive the holiday drama with our relationships intact?

September 2018 Title: Keeping Prayer in Your Relationship. If you would like to watch the video in this message, click here 

August 2018 Title: Dying to Self in Relationships

July 2018 Title: Spiritual Warfare in Relationships

June 2018 Title: Mercy & Grace in Relationships

May 2018 Title: Forgiveness in Relationships

April 2018 Title: Your Love Languages

March 2018 Title: The Mechanics of Communication

February 2018 Title: God’s Gift of Gab, Created for Communication